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Information for Monday, 3 Iyaar- April 27


Before we begin a new week, we'd like to thank you.

We know that coordinating many children with different logins and devices, different needs, abilities and papers to print can be a full time job!

We thank you for partnering with us during this time, we feel honored to work with you and with your children.

We are looking forward to another week of learning!

General Information

Some of the links and passwords have changed, all new information in link.

RE: Supplies that students need daily will not show up on their supply list.



Dear parent, 

Please help your child organize his/her supplies. This will help them stay organized and will ensure a smooth learning experience.

1) Morning folder (The green folder with the dry erase marker velcroed onto it- can be found in the bag you picked up from school). Please place the sefias haomer paper (the page with numbers and the sefira text) in the empty sheet protector. .

Please place the sefiras haomer path to har sinai chart in the pocket of this folder.

2) Kriah kesiva folder- Please insert in folder: Kesiva booklet, The Kesiva Alef Beis Guide, the thin milim notebook (from bag picked up from school), the sefiras haomer kriah page that was printed in the past (I will reattach this file in case you need another one) This is a plain paper with the text of sefiras haomer.

Label the folder "kriah/kesiva".

3) Parsha/Yehadus folder Please store all parsha papers on one side and yehadus pages on the other side (the minhagim sefiars haomer page with 4 circles that you printed last week goes here. Label folder.

4) One pencil case or plastic container 2 sharpened pencils, sharpener, crayons/markers, glue stick, scissor, dry eraser (In bag you picked up from school) liquid glue. This should be kept near the computer for daily. 

The bag of miscellaneous craft supplies can be kept in here as well, or in an easy to access place nearby where your child can locate it.

All of these items will be used daily.

Thank you,

Morah Mushka


To Print:

One copy of each

Second Grade Boys


Morah Sharon is excited to meet the boys and to begin to teach them English and math.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Sharon,

Text or call: 925-367-5633 Email:

Supplies: Blank papers, Scissor, Ruler, blank notebook or papers (for English)

To Print:

One copy of each (color if possible)

Second Third Grade Girls

Supplies: Scissor, Tape, Markers/Crayons, Blank paper, Sneakers

To Print:

One die:

One of the bingo pages (there are many, please select randomly and print)

Keria Book Pgs 4-24 (stapled)

One copy of each (of the additional pages)

Fourth Fifth Grade Girls

Supplies: Blank paper, Markers, Sneakers

To Print:

Fourth Fifth Grade Boys

Supplies: Gemoroh (from The Cheder, with nekudois, NOT FATHER'S GEMOROH),

A folder to put all Gemoroh sheets into, Index Cards, Chumash (from class), Chumash Workbook, Mishnayos Yuma (from The Cheder), Folder with lined paper, Stapler, Highlighters. 

To Print:

There is nothing to print today

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B"H General Information Passwords for Zoom: All passwords are 1234 unless otherwise marked HOMEWORK:

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