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Our Academics

 Students are exposed to a rigorous curriculum. The fundamentals of Hebrew reading, writing and Chumash form the solid foundation on which their Torah learning will strengthen and grow. Over the years the students will become proficient in Novi, Shoroshim, Parsha, Halacha, Chumash Skills, Mishna, Gemora and general Jewish knowledge. Throughout the elementary school years, students are exposed to Jewish concepts and values that are learned through activities and stories which are reinforced with the Chabad philosophy of serving Hashem with love and, specifically, the love of one’s fellow Jew—ahavas Yisroel.

A Graduate of The Cheder will...


  • Be a Mench

  • Comport him/herself in a manner that bespeaks the fact that-  Ayin Roeh, v’ozen shomas

  • Translate learning to living – Torah Milashon Horah

  • Be organized- A chossid is a mesudar

  • Read accurately and fluently

  • Learn independently (at an age-appropriate level)


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